Posted on July 24, 2012

Ready for another glimpse into the life of a Topshop HQ girl? This month we caught up with Becky Andrews, a Personal Shopper at our Oxford Circus London Flagship to talk about her amazing job, new season trends and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's wardrobe...


How did you become a Personal Shopper at Topshop?

I’ve been a stylist for a few years but always wanted to work for Topshop Personal Shopping, so when I heard there was a role available I jumped at the chance and was lucky enough to be offered the job.

What do you love about your job?

I obviously love the clothes and being creative, but it's the different clients I get to meet everyday that make the job so special. I really enjoy helping them to build their confidence and find their own style.

What’s great about the Personal Shopping service?

I think the fact that it’s free is great as it makes the service accessible to everybody. It takes the stress out of shopping for a lot of people and makes it a really enjoyable and fun experience. Birthday bookings are really popular so we always try to make it a luxury treat!

Do you have a favorite piece from the Topshop Unique collection?

I love it all but one of the key pieces that stands out for me is the velvet jumpsuit, it’s beautiful and will be hitting stores in September. I’ll definitely be running out to buy the black petal vest dress too!

What should we buy and wear now to take us through to next season?

An oversized army jacket is a must - perfect for pairing with a feminine flirty dress now and some tailored trousers and a blouse for when the weather cools.

Any tips on the new season trends?

Expect gothic, baroque and eastern opulence! The military trend is following through and masculine tailoring and prints will also be back in a big way.

What are you most looking forward to wearing next season?

I’m really looking forward to next season, I love texture and there’s loads of leather, eastern prints and baroque styling. I’m really looking forward to embracing the Sensationalist trend; it’s so dark and sexy! I’ll hippy it up though so I make it my own.

How would you describe your personal style?

Boho 70’s grunge!

Who are your fashion icons?

Jane Birkin and Anita Pallenburg are both amazing - I love 70’s fashion! And I have a huge style crush on the Olsen twins and Charlotte Gainsburg.

If you could ransack anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would it be?

Definitely Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s, I can only imagine how incredible their collective wardrobe is!

Do you have a piece that you always come back to, season after season?

My leather leggings, I have about 100 pairs!

What’s the style rule you live by?

I think rules in fashion are there to be broken so I guess that’s my rule, generally if you don’t think it will work try it anyway and it will!

Do you have a fashion weakness?

Yes, so many - I have a major obsession with silver jewellery and on a recent trip to India I went a bit mad and bought everything in sight! Otherwise I would say my Jeffrey Campbells, I buy a new pair every month.

What’s your favourite Topshop Make Up product?

I love the lip glazes and have one in every color. Another favourite has to be the Infrared lipstick – it’s a great orangey red, which adds a bit of glamour to any outfit.

What’s your first memory of Topshop?

My mum bought me this gorgeous embroidered top and from then on I was hooked!

What would your best night out involve?

Margheritas and my girl friends! We normally start off at Venn Street Records in Clapham Common and then see where the night takes us. We never plan where we’re going to go - I think random nights are always the best!

Where do you like to relax on a Sunday where you live?

I hardly ever get to chill at home so on my Sundays off I love to sit on my balcony with a good book and a cold beer (weather permitting!) otherwise there’s this great little Italian café round the corner from me where I go with my best friend and sit for hours drinking wine and people watching.


The Topshop Personal Shopping service is completely free of charge. Whether you need help finding the right outfit for a big event, want to revamp your wardrobe or just want a sneak peak at new pieces, simply call or email to make an appointment at one of our Personal Shopping stores.


Posted on July 23, 2012

After a truly magical weekend at Port Eliot festival in Cornwall last summer, we knew we’d find a way to go back! While we may have spent most of our time in the Wardrobe Department where designer Louise Gray was doing face and body art using our make-up, we were truly blown away by the picture perfect setting and the never-ending array of fun to be had. From poetry readings and cookery classes to doing the twist in the Boogie tent, we soon understood why legendary Fashion Journalist Sarah Mower had agreed to be the festival’s first Fashion Curator.

Lucky for us, Louise had as much fun as we did and with her first Topshop make-up collaboration in the works, we were soon plotting our return. Time flies when you’re having fun and before we knew it, up had gone our tipi, complete with silver foil streamers, and full to the brim with Louise’s rainbow-hued make-up that you’ll soon be able to get your hands on.


Last year, all the girls - both big and small - wanted Louise to be their best friend and this year was no different! From the minute our tent opened to the minute it closed, there was a queue, fizzing with excitement. After all, it’s not everyday you get to have your make-up done by one of London Fashion Week’s hottest talents.


Inspired by her fun and frivolous catwalk collections, as well as the make-up she’s often spotted wearing front row, Louise had everyone at Port Eliot smiling from ear to ear. As she told us while we were hanging out in the sunshine: “My idea was to design for the Topshop girl a range that was young and fun, similar to both the fashion and make-up I wear already. My mainline collections have always been about pushing optimism, colour and fun, I want her to experiment with the product, be daring and enjoy it.”

If you love all things playful and poptastic, you’ll love the wonderful world of Louise Gray and we can’t wait to share it with you come August 23rd when her make-up collection lands in store and on Follow #LOVELOUISEGRAY on Twitter to join in the neon, glittery fun.


To see what else we got up to at the weekend, make sure you check back tomorrow! From a Lanvin chess set at a doll's tea party to couture newspaper gowns, there’s a reason Port Eliot has become the style sets festival of choice. 


Posted on July 20, 2012

Go on, be a good sport this summer with Ashish for Topshop...

From the ‘King of Sequins’, comes a sportswear line with an ironic twist and it's just landed on today!

ST120501_SHOT_11_023_F5_CMYKCelebrating his 8th capsule collection for Topshop, Ashish Gupta shows off his trademark comic style with a winning concept designed for the underdog. The result? Varsity jackets and slouchy sweat sets featuring slogans such as ‘2nd place’ and ‘Don’t play games’...

Sporting ability aside, when it comes to shopping Ashish for Topshop, you’re guaranteed a sartorial win!


Posted on July 19, 2012

Straight from the catwalk, direct to your closet - soldier into the new season with Unique AW12 which landed on just today! Dreamt up by our in house design team - headed up by Emma Farrow who will be here on our blog for our Live Style Q&A at 5pm GMT (9AM PST) - as a stream of pieces to be seen on the runway and worn on the street, be sure to join in the style conversation.


Inspired by uniform in all its guises, this was grown-up dressing with a decidedly slouchy feel! Military came to the fore with oversized outerwear in rich autumnal hues but also urban uniform dressing, like peaked caps, exposed zips and boots made for stomping in. We can't wait to get talking about Unique AW12  and we hope you're as excited as we are! This is your chance to find out what inspired the collection first hand, as well as how Emma Farrow will be wearing her favourite pieces from the collection. 

Read the show report and get shopping the pieces you love!


Posted on July 18, 2012

Go baby go! The Noisettes are back and dare we say it, better than ever...

Taking their own advice, the band have definitely not upset the rhythm (see what we did there?) because their new album, 'Contact' is so good we just had to shout about it!

And what better way than to get up close and personal with the band's beautiful singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa... 


Hi Shingai! So we know you as the vocalist and bassist for The Noisettes... Did you always want to sing?

I've always wanted to perform. Ever since I was about 6 years old, I started watching musicals and knew my life would be on stage.

Can you tell us a little about The Noisettes and how you met your fellow bandmate, Dan Smith?

The Noisettes were formed out of a hunger to provide a more interesting form of pop music, covering anything from funk and rock n roll to old school jazz and new forms of dance music. We just wanted to explore and make crazy pop music as we felt that was what the industry was missing at the time. As for Dan and me, we met at college and always used to jam together… and then those jams turned into songs!


What inspired the name of the band? 

The name was inspired by that one sweet left at the bottom of the tin at Christmas - you know, the one only your drunk Auntie or your toothless Nan wants to eat! It's the one that's just got a little TOO much of everything – truffle, strawberry crème, dark chocolate, nuts… Well that feels like Dan and me! We thought it would be quite a comical joke… but the idea just stuck. It was meant to be temporary but then people thought we were taking our name from '60s girl groups like The Ronettes and The Marvelettes, so we kept it!

You’ve worked with some big names on your new album, ‘Contact’ – can you tell us about the process and why you chose to venture out to the US?

We wanted this to be an international album. On our first, we were signed to this really amazing record company Motown and we recorded a lot of it in America. The second was pretty much a UK pop album. This time round we wanted to explore working with really big hit makers, so when we had the chance to work with and Ne-Yo, we couldn't turn it down! L.A is amazing and it brings out different qualities in you as a musician, New York does too. It was just nice to keep this album really international.

Noisettes Final Approved Album Cover

If you could collaborate musically with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Probably Jimi Hendrix, Ertha Kitt… I'd love to see what the process was for some of the old stars from the music halls – i.e. before people started making records and when the biggest names used to go on theatrical tours all around the world, touring the world on ships and going from port to port. There's definitely something to be learned from the greats!

Have you ever been completely star struck and if so, by who?

I was star struck by PJ Harvey when we first met. I didn't know we were going to see her, my friends surprised me and everything I'd ever wanted to say went out the window – it was so frustrating, I basically just stared at her!

Lionel Richie was pretty amazing as well. He knocked on our dressing room in 2010 back when we played Emirates and asked to see my Mum! I'd met him six months before when we were at The BRIT Awards and he'd offered to take a photograph of me because my Mum was in hospital and he'd remembered. So when he saw we were playing, he came to our dressing room with his body guard and said "How's your Mama?" - it was the first gig she'd come out to in a while and it was amazing. It was all about them really, but that was definitely a star struck moment. 

The new album marks an anticipated return to the music scene after 2 years – where have you been? 

We haven't left! I think it was really important that we took some time off the road to really think about the emotions we've wanted to convey - to get the right balance of uplifting songs, happy songs and also, autobiographical songs, which can be quite painful to share with people. So we took the time that we felt the record deserved and I think it will be something that's really, really timeless. There’s something for everybody - it could be in anyone's record collection!


Let's talk fashion, do you have a style icon?

I'm really inspired by males like Sidney Poitier and Andre 3000 and love the dandy style of dressing from double-breasted jackets to Jeremy Brett in Sherlock Holmes and Poirot too! In terms of girls, again I really like Ertha Kitt - I love the days when women would just stroll out of the car looking fabulous while still keeping that down to earth attitude. I think I take something from every era in counter culture. I like the style of Jim Morrison, the 60s, even the early '90s like Salt-n-Pepa but I pretty much like anyone that has fun with their style and references their personality in the way they dress. 

What about your own personal style?

My personal style is fun, cheeky and eccentric – it’s a whirlwind and there are no rules! I think it reflects the rainbow and spectrum of my experiences, emotions and desires. I'm from a big African family where everyone is outspoken and flamboyant so every day is just a new way to express yourself, it's almost like a show! I like to dress in a way that makes me feel like I'm not taking life too seriously, but I can still afford to spend an extra 20 minutes deciding on a pair of shoes.

Are you a Topshop fan? If so, what pieces are you coveting at the moment?

I am definitely a Topshop fan; I was actually in store today!I was fortunate enough to do a collaboration with you back in 2009 at V Festival and to this day, those outfits still stand the test of time. We designed a red tassel jacket with African beading with the team and my then stylist Nazrin, and that outfit is still like "WOW". As for recent stuff, I love Topshop's brogues - I've got them in white but they're getting really battered, so I need to get a new pair! And I love all the fun Afrocentric stuff and pop art references, oh and I recently wore the pink dress with the cut out!


Relaxation is…

Phone off, a quiet moment in the steam room, then having a fresh fruit salad and calling your Mum or your sister, having a good laugh and watching TV!

Do you have any favourite London hangouts?

Apartment 58 is fun and Groucho, if you want to watch fellow celebs making a fool of themselves! I LOVE riding my bike around Syon Park and having afternoon tea. And anywhere that has live music; The Montague Arms in New Cross is good and Irish pubs are always a laugh.

And finally, what songs are top of your summer playlist?

Anything by Erykah Badu - a psychedelic, soulful number
Looking For The Magic  by Joan as a Police Woman
Home Run by Misha B


The Noisettes new single, 'That Girl' is out on August 13th, followed by their album, 'Contact' on August 27th.

Until then, check out their Facebook page for a free download of the track, 'Winner' - video below!

And click here for a sneak preview of their new single, 'That Girl'.



Posted on July 17, 2012

Prepare to spellbind this AW12...


Our next collection, Sensationalist is due to drop this Friday but we're far too excited here at Topshop HQ to wait that long! Here's a sneak peek at what to expect...


For Topshop’s Sensationalist, the only way is to shine. Jewel-encrusted utilitarian shirts are tucked into metallic snakeskin tailoring to create the ultimate high-low ensemble, while stud-embellishment adds intrigue to an all black canvas.


Fringed dresses meet patent knee-highs for daring dominatrix appeal and sequin party wear ensures the season goes off to a shimmering start.


It’s time to emerge out of the darkness - think moody, dark romance: a little gothic and very rock ‘n’ roll...


Posted on July 16, 2012

Allow us to introduce you to one of our favourite out-of-London haunts…


Quite simply the most beautiful picture house we have ever set our Topshop-clad feet in, the Rex Cinema in leafy Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire is every movie buff’s paradise.

Dating back to the 1930s, the single screen exudes old-Hollywood style, projecting films under an art deco-inspired proscenium arch so incredible, that even Dame Judie Dench has described the venue as “awe-inspiring”. Here, visitors can choose between a candle-lit table experience in the stalls or the more traditional (but unbelievably spacious) rowed seating of the circle – either way the plush red-velvet armchairs are so comfortable you might actually be forgiven for falling asleep mid film.


Originally opened in 1938 with old-time classic, ‘Heidi’ starring Shirley Temple (just look at those curls!), The Rex went on to become a two-screen venue with an additional bingo hall to boot. However, the competition from emerging multiplexes meant the cinema was forced to close in 1988, becoming a derelict site just waiting to be rescued...


It’s saviour came in 2004 thanks to local businessman James Hannaway and now, almost 10 years into its new lease of life, the venue sells out almost every night – an unsurprising feat, considering its unparalleled reviews and cult clientele that can be seen queuing for miles each month just to be sure to get their hands on tickets.


Trust us, one visit to The Rex and you’ll just keep coming back for more – not just for the amazing choice of films, but for the niche aspect of having crisps and pick’n’mix in bowls, coffee in a china cup (with an all-important free biscuit thrown in) and the chance to completely lose yourself in what feels like a throwback to the Golden Age of cinema...


Posted on July 13, 2012

Here’s a mantra for life – “Hope is contagious, pass it on…”


We love a good cause here at Topshop HQ, but combine that with a great back-story, a dog named Bow Wow and a beautiful little bracelet designed to bring people together from all corners of the world and what you’re left with is something very special indeed.


Introducing 'The Vagabond Adventurers', Lachlan McWilliam and Lucie Gait, a.k.a. co-founders of new charity, Band 4 Hope. Their story is an inspiring one; in fact, we’re going a little fuzzy inside at the thought of it… Rom-Coms eat your heart out because this is the real deal.


The couple first met in 2009 - discovered they had a mutual passion for adventure and on date five, they decided to hitch a plan to drive across Africa with the simple aim of spreading hope to communities through trade. (Yes, we’re in awe too).


Upon reaching Zimbabwe, the pair stumbled across a tribe who produced specially handcrafted copper and zinc bangles with supposed empowering properties – and it seems their apparent magic worked a treat as just days after wearing them, the idea for Band 4 Hope was born…

The next step? To engrave each bangle with a unique ID and sell them on... Once bought, customers are invited to wear their bands for a month, after which they can then pass them on to another hopeful someone and thus the chain of hope continues. And the best part? The bangle’s inevitable global journey can be tracked online as it makes its way from wrist to wrist, all thanks to the cleverly thought-out ID. With each purchase, 10% of the sale price goes towards your very own charity of choice and friends can also donate to that particular charity via the band.


Magic? Inspiring? A truly wonderful idea? Yes, we think so.

Go on, join the hope trail – you never know who it may connect you to!


Posted on July 12, 2012

We love Stella McCartney – in fact we’re a little obsessed here at Topshop HQ…


So you can only imagine our excitement when we heard that both Stella and the mighty Adidas had come together on a limited edition ‘My2012’ collection, designed to “project the energy of the Olympic year and inspire young women to engage in sports."

Safe to say, our sporting fever has now skyrocketed! We’re joining tennis clubs, running to the office, hitting the gym; we’re even giving Prince Wills a run for his money on the Polo field (ok the last one may be a slight fib but you get the picture).


Forget the LBD, Stella has spoken – this summer it’s all about the GMSD (grey marl sweat dress). From bright and enigmatic running tanks and sunshine-yellow track shorts to graphic hoodies and water-resistant jackets, it's time to get in the team spirit and hit the ground running, literally!

So keep your peepers peeled and muscles flexed as the ‘My2012’ collection will be coming to, Stratford and our Oxford Circus London Flagship very soon...

Until then, we’ll see you on the track!


Posted on July 11, 2012

Something is brewing in the Faraway Forest… something magical, fantastical and oh so fashionable…


From tomorrow 12th July until Sunday 15th, Latitude Festival will be opening its infamous doors to culture seekers and musical mavens alike with performances from Paul Weller, Bon Iver, master of comic sarcasm, Jack Dee and literary writers and poets including John Cooper Clarke, to name but a few.

Exciting yes, but for us, the weekend’s real thrill plays to a more fashion-orientated tune - that of Central Saint Martins graduates, Imogen Eveson and Samara Tompsett.


The duo will be welcoming festival goers to The Painted House; an immersive installation and style hub, playing host to a whole variety of events from fashion workshops, talks and exhibitions to a live body painting session and photo shoot courtesy of make-up artist, Clare Read and photographer, Jenni Hare.

In other words, it’s too good to miss!


Set designer, Samara has moulded the scene to emulate that of Marie Antoinette’s imagined boudoir, inviting attendees to depart from the reality of their surroundings and instead, delve into a world of fashion fantasy.


Once there, guests will be able to join global blogging sensation and editor of Wandering Threads, Samantha Davis on a trend-inspired journey around the world, while vintage fashion specialists, Rag & Bow will be at hand to style and snap your best outfits. Other events include a fashion fanzine workshop with illustrator Nina Chakrabarti, fashion editor David Hawkins will be inviting you to create haute couture from Yesterday’s News and catch up-and-coming illustrator Rosie McGuinness collecting material for her Latitude-inspired exhibition on the Sunday.


So if you’re at Latitude this weekend, make sure you delve deep into the Faraway Forest and seek out The Painted House – who knows what inspirations may ensue in your young, creative minds…


Posted on July 10, 2012

Hands up if you love American TV? We do!


Lately we’ve been majorly crushing on the new American TV show, 2 Broke Girl$. The pitch is rather simple: two ladies down on their luck are forced to find friendship in a hopeless place - or a diner in the district of Williamsburg, Brooklyn to be exact! Polar opposites bar their mutual penniless pockets, the pair move in together and set up plans to start their own cupcake business...

2 Broke Girls s1 Beth 02_595_watermark

Introducing Caroline (the blonde) – born rich but recently disgraced after her father is sent behind bars; the family are left dispossessed of all their goods and as a result, Caroline is forced to wave goodbye to her former luxurious lifestyle.


Next we meet Max (the brunette), whose disadvantaged upbringing has made her quite the expert when it comes to extreme survival techniques in the face of poverty.

Focusing on the clash of their two cultures, the characters manage nevertheless to start their cupcake business venture to humourous effect.


And the secondary characters are just as delectable as Max and Caroline (and their cupcakes). From Han Lee the pint-sized owner and manager of the diner with an obsession for ‘hipsters’, Oleg the slightly perverse Ukrainian cook, Earl the 75-year-old cashier and beloved of Max, and not forgetting Sophie, the girls’ Polish neighbour with Cougar-like tendencies.


Short and sassy, the show is exactly what we need to lift our moods and enjoy a girly night of entertainment – in other words, it’s the perfect pyjama party show!


Posted on July 09, 2012

Swing into the new season 60s style with Factory Girl...


From Jane and Edie to Twiggy and Brigitte, it's time to embrace your inner screen siren to bombshell effect.


Bardot-inspired beehives and heavy kohl peepers framed with thick, bambi-like lashes provide the perfect foundation, while a flash of bare leg and a sultry pout will lend the look a flirtatious edge.  


Layer classic boyish Crombies with loose monochrome knits and tartan skinnies for moody mod appeal, or for a little girlish simplicity, opt for a twee boucle twin set to reveal the sophisticate within. Traditional macs are worn draped over the shoulders for refined 60s nonchalance, while kitten heels, oversized studs and preppy satchels add an all-important shot of detail.  


Shop the collection >

For styling inspiration, check out the lookbook >


Posted on July 06, 2012

Tis the season to be British – tralalalala… lalalala…


With the Jubilee and the Olympics encouraging our patriotic tendencies, we thought it was high time classic, quintessential style hit the fashion headlines and thus, our new collection Made in Britain was born.


Marrying tradition with innovation (because isn’t that so the British way?), every piece has been lovingly crafted in the heart of London’s East End to create a capsule collection that even the Queen herself would be proud of. From slick, utilitarian outerwear in the finest wool, tweeds and cashmere to sumptuous silk separates in graphic and floral prints: think pure, unadulterated luxury that exudes true British heritage.

Queue our fashion fantasies of countryside frolicking in a sailor dress and wellies, pounding the city streets in the ultimate biker jacket and not to mention enjoying a spot of afternoon-tea (with her majesty and corgis of course), while sporting the cutest swan-print jumpsuit.


Made in Britain is available now at our Oxford Circus London Flagship, New York store and – so whether you’re British by birth or simply British by nature, it’s time to don some Union Jack nails and wave your tips with pride!


Posted on July 05, 2012

Picture this: les rues pavées de Paris, cobbled and quaint, lit up by the twinkling lights of the distant Eiffel Tower. There’s a peaceful hush of tranquility in the air, filled only by the thudding of your heart as it trembles in youthful anticipation...

Turning the corner of the street, your mother leads you hand-in-hand to the most beautiful shop your young eyes could possibly imagine. Painted a delicious pistachio green, a rainbow of petite delicacies line the windows: your destination? Paradise, a.k.a. the infamous maison du macaronLadurée.


Believe it or not, 2012 marks 150 years for Ladurée and to commemorate the milestone, the French house is celebrating each month with a limited edition creation to tickle our taste buds. July is the turn of ‘Le Butterfly’- “a poppy cream mousse and melt-in-your-mouth yuzu and wild-mara heart between a pair of dazzling strawberry macaroon shells.” (We have absolutely no idea what this means exactly, but ‘mon dieu’ it sounds and looks amazing!)


With that in mind, we’ve decided to put the expression, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” to the test and if it happens to be true… as the French say, “tant pis” (never mind)! We’re simply following the orders of Marie Antoinette.


So monsieur macaron, we’ll have ‘Le Butterfly’, s'il vous plait, followed by a selection of your delicious seasonal macaroons in iced mint, green apple, strawberry poppy, Ghana chocolate, orange blossom and lime basil... On second thoughts, make that two of each.


With stores worldwide in Paris, London, New York, Dubai and beyond, we can all get a slice of the action or cake in this case! Oh and if you just so happen to be yachting your way around Saint Tropez this summer (aren’t we all?!), Ladurée has just opened a new store there too.  

Parfait, non?


Posted on July 04, 2012

Editor by day, vox and keys extraordinaire for indie band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart by night - Peggy Wang has made our heads turn.


The pint-sized New Yorker will be guest DJing at our NY pool party tomorrow (check out the Facebook event if you haven't already - it's guaranteed to be amazing, even if we do say so ourselves!) so we thought now was the perfect time for a little introduction...


Hi Peggy, can you introduce yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

I play in a band called The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and I'm an Editor at I'm too lazy to do much more than that!

Where does the name of your band “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart” come from?

It's the name of a short story that a friend of my band mate Kip wrote years and years ago.

Have you ever played at a pool party?

We did once – it was a BBQ at Coachella. We've also played on numerous boats, in a tool-shed, on the beach and once in Spain, we played in a cider factory. The walls were just these huge barrels of really expensive cider that dated back to the 1800s or something.

What excited you about playing at a Topshop pool party?

I was so psyched when Topshop came to America as I was already pretty obsessed with the website. I felt like Topshop was one of the only places I knew to buy high-waisted stuff back then, not to mention the only place you could get avant-garde silhouettes without spending a ton of money. The lookbooks are so inspiring and well styled. At the moment, I'm into the pleated silk-cuffed jogger pants, as well as anything in the Unique Hieroglyphic print.

How would you describe your style? How has it evolved?

I used to put more effort into my appearance but since we started touring all the time, I'm much more obsessed with comfort. I love pieces that are unflattering in theory but actually look good on. I've shied away from feminine, tight clothing and now I like everything baggy. But who knows, I am super fickle when it comes to clothing. A certain style will seem really appealing and then totally tacky a month later. 

Who's your style icon?

Denise Huxtable.

What's your typical gig outfit?

A comfortable dress (like one I can eat dinner in), tights and chunky shoes.

What’s your funniest/ most awkward gig moment?

We were in Australia and it was our guitarist Christoph's birthday. So on stage during a set break, I yelled into the mic, "Happy birthday Anton!!" Anton is his twin brother's name. It was such an odd faux pas to make - my bandmates just stood there like, WTF. But in my defense, it WAS technically Anton's birthday.

What’s the best and worst thing about being the only lady in a band with 3 guys?

I feel pretty comfortable around them at this point; they're like girls to me. But the worst thing is that they never want to go to the mall when it's sometimes the only fun thing to do in a city!  

As you work at Buzzfeed too, can you tell us about the next big buzzes that are about to hit the web.

I haven't been on the internet in like a week and a half because we're in Scandinavia right now. I guess healthcare and TomKat are the big issues right now, but by the time you read this, it'll probably seem like old news! Also, dogs are the new cats, anteaters are the new sloths and alpacas are the new lemurs.

Who do you look up to professionally?

Kelly Cutrone is cool, I like her work ethic. Lena Dunham. I also like Leandra Medine's blog, Man Repeller… It's really hard to write about fashion and be funny.

Which shops would you recommend for us to visit in New York? And where should we go and eat?

For new clothes, Reformation is awesome and just a beautiful store. For vintage stuff, I like Metropolis. I could go on and on about places you should eat in New York. Vegetarian stuffed cabbage from Veselka, arepas from Caracas, happy hour oysters from Mermaid Inn and anything from Mooncake Foods but especially the spicy green sauce that you have to specially ask for.

Peggy Live Shot  Getty

And finally, can you recommend us 5 songs to put on our playlist for this summer?

1. "Unless You Speak From Your Heart" by Porcelain Raft

2. "Begging Me" by Florrie

3. "Boys of Paradise" by Unicorn Kid

4. "Some Boys" by Dom

5. "All Our Dreams Are Coming True" by Gene Page

DON'T FORGET: Peggy will be DJing live and in person at our pool party tomorrow 5th July at the Thompson LES from 6-10pm! Join our Facebook event for more info and don't forget, if you check in at ''Topshop Topman Summer Series at The Thompson LES' on Foursquare from 6-10pm you'll win a cute summer gift.


Posted on July 03, 2012

Allow us to introduce you to our first AW12 collection...


Arriving rosy-cheeked in true Nordic style, Scandi Girl has frolicked her way on to our fashion radar.


Perfect for autumnal layering, loose knits and cozy shearlings complement vintage style denim, while traditional embroidery and heritage details offer a pretty homespun twist to textural effect. Pinafore dresses are paired simply with buttoned-up shirts and sweaters for easy, everyday appeal as sumptuous black velvet and rich berry hues lend the look a sophisticated edge.

Complete with ditsy florals and braided hair and you'll have Scandi-cool style down to a tee - or tea dress in this case!


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